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This gallery features museum exhibits, models, and haunted attraction sets and effects that I have designed and built. Sharing many attributes of exhibit design, the haunted attraction examples emphasize interactivity and the use of illusion.
USS Midway Top Gun Exhibit
This gallery shows a permanent exhibit that I designed and installed on-board the USS Midway Museum in San Diego.

Working with a $20K budget, I vended out only the printing and installation of two walls with mural graphics and the fabrication of a display pedestal I had designed. All other images, elements, and labor came from in-house sources, including myself.

The exhibit features elements of the instrumented air range training system developed by Cubic Corporation. It also covers the early days of Top Gun, and the most current new technology used in air-to-air combat training exercises.

The gallery includes design drawings, shots of a 1/12th scale model I built, and photos of the installed exhibit.

OCIDS Concept Model
In conjunction with an engineer, I built this model to illustrate the concept of Cubic's Optical Combat ID System at a NATO training exercise in the UK.

The two main elements of the model were built out of cardboard and foamcore. Electronic and mechanical elements included: a high power xenon flashlight, a retro-reflector, a Morse Code transmit key, and a louvered dryer vent.

Since visible light was used to illustrate the concept, I also built a collapsible shroud out of foamcore and matboard that could be shipped flat in case the demonstration had to be presented in bright sunlight.

USS Midway Museum
Volunteer Recognition Display
Volunteers comprise over 90% of the workforce at the USS Midway Museum. To honor their contributions, I was chosen to design a new display case, and to direct, shoot, and edit the video clips that it would feature.

This gallery includes a series of 2D design drawings I created in Adobe Illustrator, plus image renders and an animation of the model that I built in 3D Studio Max. The animation shows how the case was designed to open for updates and servicing.

Haunted Attraction
Bottomless Pit Illusion
I first designed, then scale modeled, and ultimately built this bottomless pit illusion for use in the Monster Manor charity haunted house.

Although the basic illusion has existed for a long time (and is the same idea as an "endless hallway"), I wanted to add some elements I had not seen done in this particular application of the effect.

I wanted to surprise the patrons with the effect and force them to walk over it. I wanted to illuminate it with indirect lighting. And I wanted to include some broken timbers projecting out into the pit that did not reflect.

This gallery includes a .WMV video clip.

Haunted House Foyer Scene
with Pepper's Ghost
This scene was first modeled in 1/12th scale. The model was then revised and the final set built as per the revision for the Monster Manor haunted attraction.

The gallery includes a plan view of the scene and effect, an isometric view of the moving bookshelf, pictures of the model (one animated), images of the set under construction and finished scene, and two video clips. One clip is a collection of model shots and the second is a tour of the finished room and effects. Both clips are in QuickTime formats.
Haunted Attraction
Dropping Portrait Gallery
This gallery within a gallery features a walk-through picture hallway I designed and built for Monster Manor using a set of lenticular changing portraits.

As the gallery lights went out, all of the pictures simultaneously dropped, and strobe-lit actors behind the walls would startle the patrons through the now empty picture frames.

This gallery includes design drawings, photos of the finished scene (including animated GIFs), and a walk-through video clip in .WMV format.