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Welcome to my digital portfolio. I have chosen and modernized the iconographic Renaissance image of Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man to reflect my diverse skills and my core values as an artisan. As can be seen from the navigation menu to the left, I bring a wide range of multimedia capabilities and a pragmatic set of skills to any endeavor I undertake. I also bring an interest in, and curiosity about, the work that I do. I seek more than just "a job."

There are nine main galleries of my work, each representing a specific skill set or discipline. Thumbnails within these galleries link to pages hosting the individual samples and a brief caption. The Exhibit Design gallery thumbnails link to sub-galleries. Many of the original media files were tens to hundreds of megabytes. However, all samples in this portfolio have been optimized.

At the bottom of each individual sample page are PREVIOUS / GALLERY / NEXT navigation links. In most cases you can also click the sample image to go back to the parent gallery. However, in the case of video clips, Power Point presentations, web site/VR samples, and the links to my CV below, the items will open in a separate window or tab, leaving the parent gallery open. The header above includes a link back to the splash page and a link for e-mail contact.


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