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The Power Point presentations in this gallery have been converted to auto-running PPS files which will open and play in a separate window. If you do not have Power Point, you can download the free Microsoft Power Point viewer (Win only). Open Office can also be used, but the animations will not play correctly.
USMC Man Pack Study
Self-Playing PPS / 5.3 MB
The majority of art for this Power Point presentation was created in Adobe Illustrator, converted to bitmap images in Adobe Photoshop, and then imported into Power Point and animated.

The sequence depicts a man-portable data link system designed for use by the US Marine Corps.

MP-CDL Assembly Overview
Self-Playing PPS / 1.3 MB
I created this presentation to fulfill a requirement for inexpensive computer-based training in the set up of the Multi Purpose-Common Data Link (MP-CDL) antenna.

I took a series of sequential photos of the antenna being assembled, and then used those images to create what is in essence a stop-motion animation with added notes.

This presentation could be used in a classroom environment or on a laptop for training in the field.

Unlike this self-playing sample, the actual presentation was driven by user input.
DSTAR Overview
Self-Playing PPS / 3.8 MB
This overview of the DSTAR Deployable System for Training And Readiness was created for use in a trade show kiosk. It could be set up for auto-play or be controlled by the viewer.

The image was adapted from a large scale photo mural that I had created for another trade show. It consisted mostly of bitmap elements that were modified in Photoshop and integrated into the composition. Some elements, including the tent and parts of the Humvees, were created in Illustrator, and then converted to bitmaps. The background is a montage created from a number of landscape photos.

Like many of my other presentation efforts, this one reveals its elements in a specific sequence to tell the story and explain the concept.

Military Airmanship Training
Self-Playing PPS / 8.3 MB
For this conceptual overview of a low-cost military training system, most of the major elements were created as vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator. They were then converted into bitmap images in Photoshop for use in the Power Point presentation.

As with many of these presentations, it uses sequential element revelations to build understanding and tell the story.

Day In The Life
Self-Playing PPS / 6.1 MB
This presentation for the Los Angeles Metro shows how wireless and smart card technologies can be integrated and utilized across a variety of public transportation related applications. A "day in the life" of such a device was the premise chosen to show how it might be used in a single day.

The presenter wanted a slide show that was engaging, but he did not want to use video clips. Therefore, I chose an approach using Photoshop to create series of images that could be easily animated to tell the story.

Patient Education Presentation
Self-Playing Macintosh PPS / 5.5 MB
This presentation was created using Power Point for Macintosh 2008. It was played on a Macintosh laptop - please note that it may not play correctly in earlier versions of Power Point.

These slides, from "Taking Control Of Your Diabetes", a series of education conferences for people with diabetes by Dr. Steven Edelman, are designed for a wide audience. To help maintain visual interest and be accessible to the diversity of attendees, they utilize a number of bold (and often simplified) grapics, as well as animated elements.

This presentation has been edited and saved as a self-playing .PPS 2004 file.

IEDES 1 Concept Overview
Self-Playing PPS / 16.2 MB
The presentation shows a conceptual overview of a system for training US military troops against IED threats.

Accelerated to auto-run in just over a minute, just this small sample spans 6 slides and uses 217 custom animation effects. The original stopped at key points for the presenter to elaborate on individual elements.

The background was created in Adobe Illustrator. The vehicles are all scale models, stop-motion photographed by me on a table top and extracted in Photoshop. Most of the individual equipment images were also shot and edited by me.

IED Training
Self-Playing PPS / 2.3 MB
The example shows another approach to the integration of IED simulations in instrumented training exercises.

The background is a panorama created from a series of digital images I had shot at a UK military training facility. Although I was actually there to shoot video of a NATO exercise, I found the opportunity to capture these images and have used them many times.

Most of the other photo elements came from US Military web galleries or were created by me in Photoshop. A few of the graphic elements and the animation were created in Power Point.

PDA Countermeasures Controller
Self-Playing PPS / 9.4 MB
This scenario depicts a system using a wireless PDA to control a device for automated sniper countermeasures in urban military operations.

Most of the photographic elements were found in US military service galleries. This animated sequence makes broad use of the custom animation features found in Power Point and of images heavily edited in Adobe Photoshop.

A-PGS in a CTC Environment
Self-Playing PPS / 2.0 MB
This slide sequence is part of a larger presentation on an Advanced Precision Gunnery System. Its focus is on how the system can be integrated into a Combat Training Center environment.

The background grid is derived from the same artwork used in the IEDES presentation. And as with the IEDES slides, a scale model is used to create stop motion animation effects for the M1 Abrams tank.

In the original presentation, the image in the upper right corner would expand to play a video of the engagement as seen in the control center.
A-PGS Moving Map
Self-Playing PPS / 1.3 MB
Another sequence extracted from the A-PGS presentation, these slides show a PDA using WiFi integrated into the exercise as a Control Unit.

Like the prior sequence, this example relies upon imagery that was modified in Photoshop and used with custom animations built in Power Point.
A-PGS Boresight Adjustment
Self-Playing PPS / 3.0 MB
This third example from the A-PGS presentation simulates the automated boresight alignment of the system.

As the scanning functions shown in the simulated reticle proceed, the display in the Control Unit at the top-right corner changes to reflect the process status as the vehicle crew would see it.