Several thousand chemicals and other hazardous materials in daily use can cause an emergency which would affect a substantial number of employees and others in the area of the facility. The most common include injury to the eyes, respiratory system, and skin, contamination of a community, explosions, and fires. Cubic's facilities and safety have a program that ensures that the care of its hazardous materials in all processes, production stages, storage, and shipment are maintained for the safety of all employees.

In the event of a chemical spill - immediately notify your supervisor and the Console or Lobby Guard.

Your supervisor will evacuate personnel from the area of spill and barricade the spill area. The M&P Lab shall immediately respond and make a decision if the Hazmat Emergency Response Team for the City should be alerted.

If you are instructed by the City Hazmat Emergency Response Team to evacuate the building:

  • Proceed quickly and orderly to the nearest exit. If necessary, walk around the outside of the building to your department staging area. Your supervisor will do a head count for accountability and report any missing employee(s) by name to the security rover.
  • Materials and Processing personnel or others designated as emergency responders shall inspect the area to ensure that it is safe to resume normal activities.

Do not reenter a building until instructed by your supervisor or someone in authority as a responder.

Detailed information can be located in the CMP Manual, CMP Web Site or in your Cubic Employee Handbook - Crisis Management Program section.

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Local, state and federal laws have provided the needed guidance for Cubic in handling and maintaining hazardous/chemical with:

  • Substance & facilities storage
  • Emergency response plan
  • Emergency notification
  • Material Safety Data Sheets, and emergency and hazardous chemical controls/forms.

A hazardous material is not a problem until it leaves its intended containment system. In case of a hazardous spill, all personnel are required to leave the area and contact the Security Guard.

At the Corporate facilities, a 1,400 square-foot shelter between Buildings 1 and 2 has three storage areas and is stocked with all needed safety equipment as outlined by local, state and federal agencies. This shelter was designed to provide the safest and most efficient handling of new and used hazardous materials at Cubic. The handling of paints, adhesives, machine and compressor oils are just a few of the major hazardous waste materials generated here at Cubic.

The three storage areas at this site ensure the proper separation of incompatible materials, such as flammable materials and corrosives. The first unit stores flammable materials; the middle shelter is devoted exclusively to general storage of non-flammable " neutral " materials; and an end unit contains three special cabinets that house corrosive materials. The remainder of this last shelter is used for hazardous wastes.

Other safety features include metal shelving, eyewash fountains, an emergency shower, fire extinguishers, explosion-proof lighting fixtures, spill kits, and double-lined berm flooring. Beneath the cement flooring is a layer of sand and a tough polymer liner to prevent ground leakage.

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Assess the nature and extent of the possible hazards to human health and the environment as a result of the chemical release.

Notify HAZMAT Emergency Response Agency if emergency poses a hazard to persons or property beyond the facility or of a size too large for internal clean up.

Safety will contact the internal EMT to provide emergency medical assistance until the Paramedics arrive. Provide Paramedics and HAZMAT Response team with Material Safety Data Sheets or name of chemical exposure.


Control access to area.


Maximum anticipated hazardous material "leak" would be 55 gallons or one (1) drum. For this type of emergency, Facilities will keep on hand twenty (20) sacks of solidifying sand and one empty drum for initial pickup.

Emergency spill kits are located in building 8, 10, the M & P Lab, First Aid Room - building 1, HAZMAT Shelters - building 1, the Facilities Office - buildings 2 and 11.

Cubic facilities include full showers, eye wash stations, first aid rooms and first aid supplies at each guard stations. Cubic also has an oxygen response cylinder in case someone should be overcome by fumes.

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