The Company Injury Prevention Program (the Program) revises and supercedes our previous Accident Prevention Program. The following is an organizational chart showing the reporting relationships and communication flow designed for the implementation of this Program:

Our Injury Prevention Program allows — and encourages — employees to communicate with all levels of management on matters related to occupational health and safety. The Program also provides ways for management to keep employees informed about matters important to their health and safety.


The Company's Executive Management will implement the Program. The members of Executive Management who are responsible for implementing this Program are:

PRESIDENT/Cubic Defense Applications, Inc.

CHAIRMAN-CEO/Cubic Transportation Systems


PRESIDENT/Cubic Worldwide Technical Services, Inc.

In implementing this Program, Executive Management will be responsible for:

  • Establishing policy.
  • Delegating responsibility and accountability to members of the Company's Management as necessary to effect the provisions of this Program.
  • Reviewing and evaluating proposed modifications to this Program and its stated policy, and as appropriate, the implementation of the same.

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The Safety Director for each Company implementing this Program is:

Cubic Corporation: Name Removed (Ext. 0000)

Cubic Transportation Systems: Name Removed (Ext. 0000)

Cubic Defense Systems, Inc.: Name Removed (Ext. 0000)

Cubic Worldwide Technical Services, Inc.: Name Removed (Ext. 0000)

The Safety Director's responsibilities include:

  • Assist and advise Executive Management, Management, Supervisors, and the Safety Review Board, as appropriate, in the formulation, implementation, and administration of all aspects of the Program; including, without limitation, safety and health training and instruction, inspection procedures for identifying unsafe or unhealthy conditions, the correction of unsafe and unhealthy conditions, accident reporting and investigativeprocedures, health and safety communications, and procedures for medical treatmentof employees.
  • Monitor and communicate to Executive Management, Management, Supervisors and the Safety Review Board information concerning local, state and federal safety and health laws and regulations.
  • Maintain a liaison with federal, state and local agencies regulating occupational related activities affecting employee health and safety.

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The Supervisor's responsibilities include:

  • Regularly communicate with the Safety Director concerning safety and health regulations affecting the operations they supervise.
  • Instruct all supervised employees concerning matters relating to occupational health and safety.
  • Apprise all supervised employees of the safety and health hazards associated with the performance of their job responsibilities and instruct them on the proper safeguard, procedures, processes and practices to be employed to complete each assigned task to which they are assigned in a safe and healthful manner.
  • Periodically inspect all machines and equipment and evaluate all operational procedures, processes and practices utilized by the employees under his or her supervision to assure that the same are maintained in a good and safe condition or conducted in a safe and healthy manner.
  • Make sure that any identified unsafe or unhealthy condition is abated or corrected.
  • Make sure that all supervised employees comply with all Safety Rules and all instructions relating to safety and health, including the use of any required safeguards and/or personal protective equipment, as instructed.
  • Investigate all occupational accidents or incidents of illness that may occur, and identify any corrective action which may be necessary to prevent a similar accident or illness from occurring.
  • Promptly correct any unsafe or unhealthy condition existing in the Supervisor's area of responsibility, if the same can be accomplished within the Supervisor's authority and budget and in a safe manner.
  • Report immediately any unsafe or unhealthful conditions which the Supervisor cannot promptly correct in a safe manner to the Safety Director.
  • When an imminent hazard exists, which cannot be abated without endangering employees or property, the Supervisor will remove all exposed personnel from the area, except those individuals necessary to eliminate the risk and/or correct the condition.

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Our Safety Review Board is an important part of our Program. The Board is comprised of a mixture of management and non-management employee representatives. Non-management employee representatives will be selected randomly. There shall be three such randomly selected non-management employee representatives on the Board at any given time, each of whom shall serve staggered three month terms. The Board shall be comprised of:

Regular Members:

Department Title
Materials and Processing Supervisor
Machine Shop & Production Foreman
Logistics Engineer
Production Manager, Production
Facilities Director, Facilities
Safety/Health Corporate Safety Director
Production/CTS Manager, Facilities

Employee Members:

Three Non-Management Employees (Randomly chosen each to serve 3 month terms)*

The Safety Review Board's responsibilities include:

  • Conducting bimonthly inspections of the workplace prior to its monthly Safety Review Board meetings to identify and evaluate workplace hazards and unsafe or unhealthy employee practices. The Safety Review Board will adopt a schedule which, based on the relative seriousness of hazards and the risk of accidents potentially presented for any given work area, will identify when the various portions of the workplace will be inspected as a part of such bimonthly inspections. The inspection findings are to be documented on that month's Safety Inspection Report and reviewed during the monthly meetings. A copy of the report is to be attached to the copy of the appropriate Safety Review Board Minutes and filed with the Safety Director. Periodic scheduled inspections conducted by Supervisors or other members of Company Management will also be reviewed by the Board and documented in its minutes.
  • Initially, upon establishment as a part of the Board, one such employee will be designated by the Company to serve for a five-month term, another for a four-month term, and the third for a three-month term. Thereafter, all non-management employees will serve for a three-month term. Upon the expiration of such term, a new non-management employee will be randomly selected.
  • Reviewing the investigation and analysis of all occupational injuries or illness and any unsafe or unhealthy exposure to hazardous materials and their causes. The Safety Review Board will submit any recommendations or suggestions it may have concerning the abatement of any hazard which, in its judgement, may have contributed to any such injury or illness. The Board may conduct its own inspection or investigation of any occupational accident, injury or illness to assist it to reach its conclusions concerning the cause of the accident, illness, injury or exposure concerning any suggested abatement measures necessary to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Reviewing and evaluating any potential safety or health hazards which may be presented by any equipment, machinery, processes, methods, materials, or any other aspect of the workplace brought to the attention of the Board.
  • Serving as a conduit for communication between employees and management concerning health and safety related matters. Reviewing, and if necessary, investigating any employee suggestions or concerns pertaining to the safety and health of the workplace, and if appropriate, make recommendations to management regarding the same.
  • Review and evaluate all health and safety training activities.
  • Making available to affected employees, on request, written records of the safety and health related issues discussed at the monthly meetings.

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All employees are required to obey all Safety Rules established by the Company, and to follow all instructions relating to health and safety in the performance of their assigned tasks. All employees are also required to immediately notify their Supervisor of any workplace condition which they believe may be unsafe or unhealthy without fear of reprisal.

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