Joint-Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
Surveillance Control Data Link
The World's Premier Battle Tested Anti-Jam Data Link

  • Joint STARS is a battle management asset that provides near real time, wide area, ground surveillance
  • Joint STARS is a military success:
    • 49 consecutive operational sorties during DESERT STORM
    • 89 consecutive opertional sorties during Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR
    • 34 operational sorties during Operation JOINT GUARD
  • SCDL is the only system that meets all Joint STARS data link requirements. Congressional SCDL/DCL report in response to FY-98 HPSCI language recommends: "Continue with SDCL for E-8/GSM connectivity."
  • SCDL has been in low rate initial production since 1993:
    • 85 production units delivered as of 20 DEC 98 (59 GDT, 13 ADT, spares)