What is MILES 2000?
The Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System, or MILES 2000, is a laser-based training system in which soldiers and marines fire infrared "bullets" from the same weapons and vehicles that they would use in actual combat. These simulated direct fire events cause realistic audio/visual effects and "casualties." The exercise events and casualties are recorded, replayed and analyzed in detail during After Action Reviews (AARs).
Why MILES 2000?
MILES 2000 is the first MILES system to truly replicate the ranges and lethality of actual weapons. Both the fidelity of weapons simulations and alignment retention of MILES 2000 are far superior to the older MILES. Realism is also enhanced by unique player ID codes, which ensure accurate data collection for the highest quality AARs. MILES 2000 is flexible as well, allowing commanders to tailor the equipment to meet the needs of their training exercises


Along with providing realistic training, MILES 2000 will save customers millions of dollars in life-cycle costs. This feature will save the U.S. Army more than $10 million per year on batteries alone. MILES 2000 is designed with extensive built-in test capability as well, which minimizes the need for additional test equipment and maximizes the training time.


Cubic firmly stands behind MILES 2000 and offers continuing product support. We guarantee that qualified manufacturing and suppliers will be in place at all times to meet any future requirements. Additionally, both U.S. and international military forces have put their stamp of approval on MILES 2000, following the government's intensive environmental, performance and operational testing.
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