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The videos in this gallery are in either .wmv or .mov format. Mac users can use Windows Media Player 9 for Mac, or Flip4Mac to view the .wmv clips. Windows users can use QuickTime for Windows to view the .mov clips. To see samples of my script and storyboard work, click the two preceding text links.
Marketing Video
.wmv (Windows)
14.2 MB - 1:45 TRT

This video is a staged depiction of Cubic's Dynamic Optical Tag system as used in a coalition military operation.

Working from a Marketing Department script, I directed, shot (excepting the last clip of the "Coalition soldiers"), and edited this entire production. The shoot was conducted on the Stu Segall Studios "Iraqi Backlot."

A sample of my storyboard work for a similar project, also shot at the Stu Segall Studio, can be viewed by clicking the link located in the caption.

The project was edited in Premier Pro.

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Marketing Video
.wmv (Windows)
10.4 MB - 1:17 TRT
Working from a Marketing Department script, I directed, shot, and edited this sequence for a Cubic sales video.

The shipboard Combat Direction Center footage was shot onboard the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. The Marine firefight was staged and shot behind Cubic's Transportation Services campus, and I shot the F-18s at the MCAS Miramar Air Show. The footage of the ship at sea, UAV, and building explosion came from other sources.

The project was edited in Premier Pro.
Marketing Video
.wmv (Windows)
4.0 MB - 1:02 TRT
Directed to produce a very brief but "flashy" video, without the benefit of a script, but featuring the major training elements of the Improvised Explosive Device Engagement System (IEDES1), I shot and edited this project in the style of a one minute "music video."

The entire project was completed in just over 30 continuous hours of work. I initially shot some demonstrations of the available devices, then integrated footage of other devices. Editing the footage to a short selection of buyout music in Premier Pro, I built the graphics and delivered the sequence by lunchtime of the next day.

MILES 2000
Installation Training Videos
.mov (Mac)
8.0 MB - 3:40 TRT
This clip is excerpted from a MILES 2000 installation training video that I scripted, directed, shot, edited, and produced for delivery to the US Army's Simulation Training & Instrumentation Command. I shot and directed a series of seven videos over two weeks at Ft. Stewart, Georgia.

In doing pre-production and writing the scripts, I had to educate myself on the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System, and the military vehicles upon which it would be installed. A sample PDF of my scriptwriting can be seen by clicking the link in the caption.

I also researched and specified the purchase of a professional AVID non-linear edit suite for this project.
Nojoqui Falls
Feature News Story
.mov (Mac)
3.2 MB - 1:30 TRT
Curious about the pronunciation of the Chumash Indian name for this county park, I shot this "natsound" news story for KSBY TV.

Interviewing a variety of park visitors to create the narrative, I asked each how the name was pronounced. This gave me an engaging story angle and a lot of background information about the falls, especially from local visitors.

After the story aired, I was told that park visits had increased significantly.

Like most news stories, the piece was shot in a single day and edited on a cuts-only deck to deck analog system.

Cubic's Duke of York Visit
.wmv (Windows)
4.2 MB - 1:58 TRT
This clip is from a video documenting a visit by Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, to the Cubic campus.

With minimal direction as to how the video would be used, I shot it as a news story. Ultimately, management decided that the video's purpose should be an entertaining review of the event for employees who were unable to be a part of it.

With that in mind, I chose a whimsical period newsreel motif. I also provided the voice over.

The project was first edited on Cubic's Windows-based AVID Xpress system. The newsreel effect was added using my Mac-based Final Cut Pro system.