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These samples open in a new browser window. Most were built using Dreamweaver. The animations were built in Flash, but saved as animated GIFs. SWF samples of my Flash work can be seen in my ANIMATION gallery. The NFF&CHF link goes to an external site. All other files are on this disk. Apple QuickTime (Win or Mac) or another VR viewer is needed to experience the QTVR sample.
Electrostatic Discharge
Training and Certification
Intranet Web Site
This intranet web site provides training and testing for employee certification in ISO 9001 ESD handling procedures. It is used to train and certify over 600 employees every year.

I designed and built the site using a lot of animation since some of the staff using it were ESL limited. The site development was done in conjunction with Cubic's QA Department, and with the support of an IT person for .ASP functionality.

This sample has been truncated, had most company information redacted, and has had the .ASP functionality used to serve the tests and update the employee database removed.
MILES 2000
Demonstration Prototype Web Pages
These prototype web pages were developed to demonstrate a graphics-rich approach to on-line marketing of the MILES 2000 product line.

Although this example uses only GIF animations, I had hoped to encourage the use of Flash to create interactive on-line training modules for Cubic's MILES customers.
Internet Web Site
This site was built at the request of the J-STARS sales manager to feature Cubic's Secure Common Data Link used by the US Air Force's Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System.

It was a product-specific site, meant to be hosted within the defense section of the company's main web site. The site used frames and GIF animations, but the concept animation is a Flash file.

Due to a management reorganization, this site was not deployed. However a few of the static elements can be seen in the Data Links section of Cubic's current web site.
National Football Foundation
& College Hall of Fame
Walter J. Zable Chapter
Internet Web Site
This original site has been superceded by a Flash web site, built, hosted and maintained by an outside vendor. But this example of my early web design is still hosted on a Cubic server.

It is not resident in this portfolio, but can be accessed on the web at:

If you are connected to the internet, you can just click the thumbnail image to visit the site.
Crisis Management Program
Intranet Web Site
This intranet web site for the Cubic Crisis Management Program provides on-line access to easily updated and accessible information on dealing with emergencies.

This sample has been heavily edited to remove company specific information and instead provides only generic crisis management practices common to most large companies.

I had created a number of Flash-based interactive evacuation maps for this site, but static maps were used for maximum compatibility.
Demonstration Project
QuickTime VR (.mov)
This QTVR movie offers an interactive tour of Cubic's prototype Deployable System for Training And Readiness. The prototype was housed in a trailer, which was transported to trade shows and military training ranges.

I directed this demonstration project to show management that VR technology could be used to support marketing efforts and reduce the cost of towing the trailer to some locations, while still providing potential customers with interactive exposure to the system.

You will need QuickTime or another VR viewer to experience this sample.